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Form meets function in a transformative redesign of an estate planning attorney’s website.

Estate Planning Website Redesign

This project focused on redesigning a lawyer’s website that was falling short of the professional design expected in the legal industry.

The website did not function well on mobile devices, did not follow SEO best practices, and did not include enough information to bridge the gap between a site visit and a conversion, which in this case was a phone call to the law firm.

Recognizing these shortcomings, a comprehensive redesign was performed to deliver a sleek, modern website that functions seamlessly across all devices and has a solid SEO foundation to perform better in search.

The Mission

The mission was clear from the outset: to turn the website into a digital asset that mirrors the firm’s professionalism and expertise.

The goal was not just a visual upgrade but a comprehensive enhancement of the website’s functionality, SEO performance, and user experience.

How It Was Completed

The project began with an in-depth analysis of the current website, identifying the areas in design, content, architecture, and SEO that needed improvement.

Beyond just revamping the design, a solid SEO foundation was built by:

  • Ensuring the website looks great on mobile devices as well as desktops.
  • Developing dedicated pages for each legal service offered, sprinkled with targeted keywords and a compelling call-to-action to better engage visitors.
  • Clearly presenting important information in a way that clients can understand.
  • Refining the website’s header, footer, and overall architecture to align with SEO and user experience (UX) best practices.
  • Including a widget that displays live reviews from the law firm’s Google Business Profile (check out our Google Business Profile Services).
  • Setting up Google Search Console (GSC) to start getting valuable insights into what potential clients are searching for and how each page is performing in search.

As a bonus, hosting costs were reduced by moving the website to a different hosting platform, which halved the annual expense of domain hosting.

Final Results

The final result is a visually stunning, highly functional website that pleases both users and search engines.

Thanks to the mobile optimization, clients can now access the site effortlessly, regardless of the device used.

Having individual pages for each legal service significantly increases the likelihood of ranking higher in search for queries related to each service, as well as provides a much better experience for site visitors.

The transition to WordPress not only cut hosting costs in half but also offered a more user-friendly platform for ongoing site management.

And, with the integration of Google Search Console, we now have valuable insights into the website’s performance which can be used to further refine the website with Managed Local SEO.


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