Website Design

Website Design for Small Businesses and Local Professionals

Give your small business or local practice the ultimate platform with a beautiful website that converts.

Simple Websites that Deliver Results

As a small business owner or local professional trying to grow your business, a website isn’t just an option – it’s a necessity if you want to maximize your visibility to local customers.

You don’t need an expensive, complicated website designed for big brands. You need a simple, effective website that highlights your services and encourages people to contact your business.

The approach focuses on just that – creating you a streamlined, cost-effective website that serves your business goals without the expenses that come with hiring custom web developers.

Your website will have the flexibility you need as your business grows and changes. It’s fully customizable to match your brand identity and can be updated to include new services, products or content.


Increased visibility for local business searches


Increased brand recognition and trust


Complements your Google Business Profile


Competitive search advantage over SMBs without a website


Source of information for potential customers to feel confident contacting your business


Great platform to showcase portfolios and other highlights

SEO-Optimized for Enhanced Search Rankings

Your website will have SEO best practices implemented from the very beginning. This means that not only will it provide a great customer experience, but it will also have a solid SEO foundation to grow on.

Your website will have clear navigation, unique pages for distinct services, optimized titles and headers using relevant keywords, local SEO elements such as a business address and phone number, internal linking when relevant, and a proper sitemap to ensure search engines can find and index your website content.







An initial consultation helps determine how to best structure your website and what elements to include to help you achieve your goals.


Design & Development

Based on the information from the consultation, your website is designed to align with your brand and ensure a good customer experience.


Content Creation

Foundational content is created for each section of your website. If you require specific verbiage or information, you can provide it so it can be incorporated into your website.


Site Launch

After your website is reviewed and tested to make sure everything is running smoothly, your website will be published and submitted to Google and Bing for indexing.

If you have an existing Google Business Profile, your website link can be included in your profile to further increase visibility.

Ready to Get Your Business Online?

Refreshes for Existing Websites

Already have a website, but aren’t satisifed with how it functions or looks?

Your website can be optimized and redesigned across various platforms, including WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and other platforms.

If you’re completely dissatisfied with your current platform, your website can be seamlessly transitioned to a more suitable website builder.

A website redesign is particularly beneficial for:


Established businesses with outdated websites


Sites with good content but poor user experience


Businesses undergoing rebranding


Websites that don't fulfill current business needs


Websites not optimized for mobile devices

Featured Project

Form meets function in a transformative redesign of an estate planning attorney’s website.

This project focused on redesigning a lawyer’s website that was falling short of the professional design expected in the legal industry.

The website did not function well on mobile devices, did not follow SEO best practices, and did not include enough information to bridge the gap between a site visit and a conversion, which in this case was a phone call to the law firm.

Recognizing these shortcomings, a comprehensive redesign was performed to deliver a sleek, modern website that functions seamlessly across all devices and has a solid SEO foundation to perform better in search.

Frequently Asked

What types of websites can you create?

Websites are created for various industries, including service businesses, professional services, local practitioners, and local stores.

They are tailored specifically to your goals, which largely determines how your website is built and what features it will include.

For instance, photographers will benefit from a portfolio-focused website designed to highlight their high-quality work, while realtors can leverage a site for personal branding and to show off properties.

Similarly, home service businesses will benefit from distinct landing pages for each of their services, supplemented with the scope of services and pricing estimates.

How do you handle website maintenance and updates after launch?

After your website is launched, you’ll be walked through how to perform basic updates so you feel comfortable making changes.

If you want someone to handle updating and maintaining your website, you can opt for various maintenance and support packages to keep your website updated and fresh with the information you want displayed.

What other costs should I expect to keep my website live?

There are three standard fees that all website owners need to pay to keep their website running.

These fees are payable directly to your specific service provider. They are typically very affordable for small websites.

1. Domain Registration: The annual fee for your website’s domain name (e.g. Costs can vary depending on the domain extension (.com, .net, .org, etc.) and registrar, but typically range from $10 to $50 per year.

2. Domain Hosting: Hosting services store your website’s files and make them accessible on the internet. Prices depend on the type of hosting and provider, starting from a few dollars a month for basic shared hosting.

3. CMS Subscriptions: Your CMS is essentially the platform your website is built with. Not all platforms have recurring fees, but if you are currently using or want to use a CMS that has these fees, you will be responsible for the monthly or annual costs associated with them.